Crowd of people waving arms and Mexican flags (Shutterstock)

The entrepreneurial spirit picks up steam in Mexico

A growing number of Mexican entrepreneurs are bringing new services and products to market. Private and public programs help them gain knowledge.
Two people sitting on ground, one making utensil (Courtesy of Sofia Cruz del Río Castellanos)

Her startup is preserving Mexico’s culture

Thinking about doing good in your community? Read how this Mexican woman created a startup to help local artisans and preserve her country's culture.

Mexico City’s air quality challenge

Mexico City has had great successes in improving air quality, but keeping the air clean is still a big challenge, with growing population and industry.

Green diplomacy: Racing to plant a forest

Running a 10-kilometer race will burn calories and improve your health. Beyond those benefits, an annual footrace contributes to reforestation and erosion prevention in...

This teacher in Mexico, who has the heart of a poet,...

Elisa Guerra Cruz never planned to become a teacher. After winning a statewide poetry competition, she dreamed about being a writer. But life got in...