Poster celebrating jazz, with illustration of Jon Batiste leaning back, smiling, with eyes closed, playing a melodica (State Dept./D. Thompson)

Meet Oscar-winning jazz artist Jon Batiste [poster]

For Jazz Appreciation Month, learn about Jon Batiste, a young American jazz musician who has won numerous awards, including an Oscar in 2021.
Billie Holiday singing at a microphone (© MIchael Ochs Archive/Getty Images)

Jazz musicians advanced America’s civil rights

April is Jazz Appreciation Month. Listen to some of the music American jazz artists recorded before and during the civil rights movement.
Mika Newton, John Legend and Siuzanna Iglidan, dressed in blue and yellow, performing onstage (© Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

U.S. and Ukrainian performers support Ukraine at Grammy Awards

On April 3 during the 64th Grammy Awards ceremony, U.S. singer John Legend performed with three Ukrainian artists to support their country.
Three people standing beyond tree branches (© Alexia Webster)

U.S. embassies launch music collaboration in the Sahara

North African and U.S. musicians are gathering in the Sahara desert for a musical collaboration sponsored by the U.S. State Department.
Woman and Jalal Kimia playing dafs (Courtesy of Jalal Kimia)

Americans welcome Nowruz with music [video]

Two Iranian-born, U.S.-based musicians explain how music connects people of different backgrounds as they gather for the Nowruz holiday.
Langston Hughes smiling (© Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

How U.S. copyright law frees art for the future

Films, poems, songs and stories from 1926 are free for all to enjoy. Learn how U.S. copyright law protects creators and promotes creativity.
Person standing in middle of street surrounded by buildings as confetti rains down (© Craig Ruttle/AP Images)

‘Auld Lang Syne’: New year, same beloved song

As millions ring in the New Year, they'll be singing "Auld Lang Syne" during the first moments of 2022. Learn about the song's history.
Taylor Swift holding Grammy (© Jordan Strauss/Invision/Invision/AP Images)

Which Americans won awards in 2021?

Throughout 2021, Americans in a wide range of occupations were honored for their achievements. Learn how their work is shaping our world.
Students playing musical instruments outside (Courtesy of Rock Island–Milan School District #41)

Daily life in America moves outdoors

With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing in the U.S., many businesses and schools are choosing the outdoors to work, play and dine.