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How NATO allies advance arms control and nonproliferation

The U.S. is hosting NATO allies and other partners for talks on reducing weapons threats globally. Learn more about nonproliferation efforts.
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NATO has brought 74 years of stability to Europe

For 70-plus years, NATO has safeguarded peace and security in Europe. Now, say experts, the alliance is more important and united than ever.
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NATO’s role in the 21st century

NATO protects 1 billion people in Europe and North America from 21st-century threats, from cybercrime to pandemics such as COVID-19.
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An unshakable commitment: The U.S. and NATO

Every American president since Harry Truman, who championed NATO's creation in 1949, has reaffirmed the United States' commitment to the principle of collective defense.
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Russia’s efforts to annex parts of Ukraine denounced worldwide

The U.S. and other countries said they will never recognize Russia's illegal and illegitimate annexation of parts of Ukraine.
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Biden: NATO is ‘more united than ever’

President Biden called the recent NATO summit "historic" as members outlined priorities and invited two additional countries to join.
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Biden: U.S. welcomes Finland, Sweden’s bids to join NATO

President Biden is hailing the applications of both Finland and Sweden to join NATO, saying the countries would strengthen the alliance.
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Partnering to counter ISIS in Africa

The Coalition to Defeat ISIS is convening in Morocco in May to advance its increasing efforts to stop ISIS from making inroads in Africa.
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Countries expel Russian diplomats in protest over Ukraine

Nations are expelling Russian diplomats to protest the invasion of Ukraine. Find out which countries are taking that approach.