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NATO improves Iraq’s civil-military ties

With cities left in ruin by ISIS, Iraq is embarked on the long road to recovery. NATO is helping Iraq's civil and military ministries meet the challenge.
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NATO Allies pay more toward the common defense

NATO European members and Canada have increased their defense spending 4.3 percent in 2017 — to ensure that all nations invest equitably in defense.
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For NATO Allies, an investment and capabilities pledge for collective defense

When President Trump met with his NATO counterparts in Brussels May 25, a top agenda item was ensuring that Allies more equitably invest in defense.
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NATO strengthens international bonds [video]

Leaders from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization meet in Brussels May 25. Learn about the U.S and NATO.
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NATO: Standing strong together and contributing equally [video]

In Brussels, President Trump vows that, together, the NATO Allies will vanquish terrorism and says all Allies should contribute their fair share to NATO.
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Learn about NATO in 3 minutes by watching these videos

Leaders of the 28 countries that make up NATO will meet in Brussels on May 25. Learn about the Alliance and how it works.
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At NATO meeting, Allies face challenges new and old [video]

President Trump's objectives at the NATO meeting in Brussels include investment in the collective defense and stepping up the fight against terrorism.
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The U.S. and NATO: From Trump to Truman [video]

President Trump joins a long line of American leaders who have pledged to uphold the U.S. commitment to NATO. It began when NATO was created.
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Students ask about NATO’s role in today’s Europe

Young Europeans gather at centers in several countries to talk with a NATO expert on the 28-nation military and civil alliance.