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How to make sure your startup idea fits the market

Figuring out if your product or service satisfies a need in the market is the first step to building a successful venture. Here are four tips.
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Jakarta’s traffic trials give rise to a tech success

The ride-hailing mobile app Go-Jek has seen a surge in use over the past few weeks in congested Jakarta, Indonesia, and has expanded its offerings.
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How one man is helping women with disabilities find a better...

Getting a job with a disability in Haiti can be difficult, especially for women. Learn how one man is empowering them with skills and support.
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Will your startup idea fit the market?

Why do most startups fail? Businesses must fit the market need to succeed. Tune in to a webchat to learn more about understanding your customers.
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This unwanted stuff could have a second life

The U.S. Materials Marketplace is a new way to speed up adoption of a circular economy — where less is wasted and the environment is spared..

These companies focus on rights to find success

Smart companies emphasize diversity, inclusion, transparency and community engagement in the workplace. This promotes human rights and is good for business.

Pitching your idea to a U.S. investor? 5 tips for getting...

Teleconferencing is convenient, but nothing matches the effectiveness of a face-to-face meeting. If you have your business plan, you've made your contacts and are...

Sharing the benefits of the Internet across the digital divide

Digital technologies have transformed markets, given rise to new industries and connected people in ways that would have been unimaginable a generation ago.

The original social network: How global diasporas can mean big business

In trade, trust is essential between buyers and sellers. How can distant strangers begin to build that trust? Diaspora communities can be the bridge.