North Korea

Headshot of woman in red jacket, wearing glasses (State Dept./D.A. Peterson)

North Korean defector serves up hope in her restaurant

In her restaurant, Lee Ae-ran serves everyone — South Koreans and fellow defectors — flavors from home.
Portrait photos of Moon Jae-in, Kim Jong Un and President Trump (© AP Images)

White House on the Inter-Korean Summit

Read the White House statement regarding Republic of Korea President Moon Jae-in’s historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
Man sitting in darkness with Korean-language characters overlaid (State Dept.)

North Korean defectors share their extraordinary stories [video]

North Korean defectors shine a light on the brutal regime of Kim Jong-un. These are their stories of escape, freedom — and finally, hope.
Two ships side by side (Japanese Ministry of Defense/AP Images)

Shutting down North Korea’s illegal shipping

North Korean ships are desperately trying to avoid sanctions. The U.S. and its allies and partners are stopping illegal shipping in its tracks.
Shinzō Abe and Donald Trump sitting on a white couch in front of flags (© Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images)

Trump, Japan’s Abe stand in solidarity

President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe are united on how to deal with North Korea and agree that a nuclear North Korea cannot be tolerated. They also pledge to work for free and fair trade.
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U.S. imposes largest sanctions ever against North Korea

The Trump administration leveled the strongest economic sanctions yet against the North Korean regime. The action hit one person and more than 50 vessels, shipping companies and businesses.
North Korean defector Lee Hyeonseo (D.A. Peterson/State Dept.)

Outside North Korea, this defector found a new world

When she was 17, Lee Hyeonseo escaped into China while famine ravaged North Korea. After a decade of hiding, she now shares her story to raise awareness of other defectors.
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Pence salutes defectors from North Korea

On the opening day of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Vice President Pence met with four North Korean defectors to underscore that regime's brutality.
Vice President Pence and Shinzō Abe by flags (© AP Images)

Pence: U.S. will intensify sanctions on North Korea

Vice President Pence says the U.S. will impose the toughest sanctions ever to force North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.