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Blinken urges countries to step up aid amid global food crisis

The U.S. is providing new aid to address the global food crisis and working with partners to strengthen crops and soils to meet future demand.
Zambian mother holding baby (Dadjie Saintus/UNICEF USA)

How the U.S. supports children in Zambia

Learn how U.S. aid agencies and the United Nations are ensuring that Zambia's children receive the food and education they need to succeed.
People sitting around makeshift shelter (© Eloge Mbaihondoum/World Food Programme)

How the World Food Programme fights food insecurity

Nearly 840 million people do not have regular access to adequate food around the world. The World Food Programme is tackling the problem.
Woman smiling in field (© One Acre Fund)

Helping Africa’s small farmers access credit, improve yields

The One Acre Fund, a U.S. government partner, helps African farmers access fertilizer to increase profits and feed their families.
Smiling woman in field (© Farzana Tabassum/World Vision/Feed the Future)

World Food Day brings USAID action on food security

USAID is training farmers and taking other steps to increase food security worldwide, focusing on countries hard hit by the climate crisis.
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Women boost sustainable farming in U.S.

U.S. women farmers are growing more organic crops and selling their locally produced products to consumers in their communities.
2 women standing in kitchen (Courtesy of Koshari Mama)

Family brings Cairo’s street food to Boston    

Meet the mother and daughter whose vegan restaurant in Boston is bringing traditional Egyptian cooking to the United States.
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How conflicts fuel the food crisis

This installment in a series looks at how global conflict is among factors driving the global food crisis.
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Working together to solve the food crisis

The United States and its allies are committed to addressing the food crisis and are calling upon other nations to increase support.