ocean acidification

Fish swimming under water (© Damsea/Shutterstock.com)

The climate crisis threatens these marine creatures [photo gallery]

About 1 out of 3 ocean species will be extinct by 2100 if immediate climate action isn't taken soon, says a new report.
Snorkeler swimming near whale shark (© Helmut Corneli/Alamy)

Protecting the ocean from 5 big threats [photo gallery]

Learn about some of the most pressing challenges to ocean health, how the U.S. government is working to address them, and how you can help.
Large blue ocean wave cresting (© Westend61 GmbH/Alamy)

The United States protects our ocean [photo gallery]

Learn about the upcoming Our Ocean Conference, April 13–14 in Palau, hosted jointly by Palau and the United States.
A view of the shallow coral reefs of Henderson Island

A graveyard in the ocean…the end of coral as we know...

Coral reefs are vanishing faster than rain forests. Why? Every day for the last decade, our ocean has absorbed roughly 22 million tons of carbon dioxide.
Crab walking on beach (Shutterstock)

Why should we care if shore crabs can’t smell?

Greenhouse gases are altering ocean chemistry. The acidification is damaging marine creatures and their ability to avoid predators and find food and mates.
Surfer riding wave (© AP Images)

Surfers doing science in the breakers

Who needs a lab coat when you have a wet suit? These citizen scientists are helping collect oceanic data by using SmartFin technology when they surf.
Canoe in water in front of Washington Monument (© Oiwi Television Network)

With ancient techniques, this canoe charts a new course for the...

A new generation of voyagers aboard the Hōkūle’a, a 62-foot voyaging canoe, is on a 60,000-nautical-mile voyage around the world.