Olympics 2016

Theo Epstein in Chicago Cubs stands (© AP Images)

Celebrated Jewish Americans who have made their mark

Jewish Americans are only a sliver of the U.S. population but have made outsized contributions to society. Learn how five have made their mark.
Composite image of photos of six athletes (© AP Images)

Who made Athlete of the Year?

Professional basketball player LeBron James and Olympic gold medalist gymnast Simone Biles each won another top honor: 2016′s Athlete of the Year.
Dancer performing on top of overturned wheelchair (© AP Images)

Rio Top Shots

See a selection of “top shots” from the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, showcasing amazing athletes and colorful ceremonies.
Skateboarder grinding on pipe attached to concrete wall (© AP Images)

Guess which Olympic sports are flying into Tokyo?

You can expect a few new sports to make their Olympic debut in Tokyo. Skateboarding, surfing and karate are a few of the new ways athletes can earn medals.
Man throwing a javelin (© AP Images)

Ghanaians’ Olympic dreams realized through U.S. studies, training

The right coaching could help an athlete become an Olympian. For two Ghanaians, their training at Middle Tennessee made their dreams a reality.
Performers dancing at 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony (© AP Images)

Rio goes gold, silver, bronze and green

Those watching the Opening Ceremony and viewing the Olympic Games see climate change as a major theme, from sustainable food to recycled medals.
Athlete jumping (© AP Images)

Relive special Olympic moments

The 2016 Summer Olympics feature incredible athletic achievements. Between the headlines are sportsmanship, triumph and even a few marriage proposals.
Simone Manuel in pool (© AP Images)

In record swim, Simone Manuel makes history

She wasn't expected to win. But American swimmer Simone Manuel's victory will ripple far beyond lane three in Rio de Janeiro.
Kayla Harrison unzipping her athletic jacket (© AP Images)

‘Fearless’ judoka Kayla Harrison fights for abuse survivors

Judo champ Kayla Harrison had to fight through a personal trauma — sexual abuse — to get to the 2012 Olympic Games. Now she aims to help other survivors.