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U.S. funds will boost global semiconductor supplies, secure info tech

Learn how money from the CHIPS Act will help the State Department improve global supply chains and secure the global Internet.
Illustration of people looking at phones while walking past large column with electrical diagram as its grooves (State Dept./D. Thompson)

How technology can strengthen democracy

Activists are using technology to promote democracy initiatives. Find out how social justice movements use social media to build support.
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Securing technology for a prosperous, safe future

Learn how U.S. public and private sector groups work with counterparts around the world to solve pressing problems through new technology.
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Meet the watchdogs guarding internet access

When authoritarian regimes block the internet, these organizations expose the restrictions against free expression.
Doreen Bogdan-Martin standing in front of Palais des Nations building (State Dept.)

Working to deliver a truly worldwide web

With decades of experience, Doreen Bogdan-Martin would lead the U.N. International Telecommunication Union with integrity and accountability.
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Protecting Ukraine’s internet access and critical data

The Russian Federation's unjust war against Ukraine includes cyberattacks. Learn how the U.S. supports Ukraine's cyber defenses.
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G7 launches plan to boost global infrastructure investment

The Group of Seven democracies have launched a plan to mobilize billions of dollars to build quality infrastructure around the world.
Graphic of Pinocchio-type profile extending nose into Africa, with Russian flag in background (State Dept./M. Gregory. Image: © Lightspring/

How the Kremlin spreads disinformation in Africa

Learn about Russian oligarch Yevgeniy Prigozhin and the organizations he backs that aim to influence African politics in Russia’s favor.
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Transforming digital access in the Western Hemisphere

The Summit of the Americas, hosted by the United States in Los Angeles, will focus on digital improvements to catalyze a healthy economy.