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People walking by LinkNYC kiosk on sidewalk (Courtesy of CityBridge)

In New York, fast, free Wi-Fi is right down the block

New York City is replacing old and obsolete telephone booths with kiosks offering free, lightning-fast internet connections to anyone within 45 meters.
Daphne Koller at podium, gesturing (Courtesy of Coursera)

3 tips for women entrepreneurs [video]

Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller has three tips for women entrepreneurs: Be yourself, don't be embarrassed to get help, and find the right life partner.
Alix Schoelcher Idrache standing in formation and crying (DOD/U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Vito T. Bryant)

Photo of Haitian-born West Point grad goes viral

Alix Schoelcher Idrache, an immigrant from Haiti, graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and soon became an online sensation.
President Obama at microphone (© AP Images)

Obama: Open government ‘is at the heart of successful societies’ [video]

Check out what President Obama told this year's Open Government Partnership summit.
Mobile phone screen with Twitter and Facebook apps (© AP Images)

Social media: Blessing or curse for office-seekers? [video]

Political campaigns have been all about controlling the message. Social media makes this very hard, yet for many people it's their primary source of news.

The town that runs on Twitter

Since 2011, Twitter has been the official means of communication between Spanish mayor José Antonio Rodríguez Salas and the townspeople.

Sharing the benefits of the Internet across the digital divide

Digital technologies have transformed markets, given rise to new industries and connected people in ways that would have been unimaginable a generation ago.

Getting connected: People use balloons, the sun and white space to...

“A world without Internet would be like a world without light.” Millions of people around the world are using new ideas to get their Internet access.

Building the Internet

Researchers at different universities funded by the U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency laid the groundwork for the network of networks.