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Everything you wanted to know about trolls but were afraid to...

In the information age, the Internet can be a battlefield. Former Internet trolls reveal the inner workings of Russia's Internet Research Agency.

Nigeria’s election: What went right?

Nigerians earlier this year elected new legislative leaders and President Muhammadu Buhari, who defeated incumbent Goodluck Jonathan by 2.5 million votes.

#peacehack: Can technology stop a bullet?

Software coders and government and NGO thinkers team up to create apps to counter violent extremism, overcome resource challenges and help migrants.

Rate your food — or your government

Soon customers of six passport agencies will be able to rate the services they receive on the review site Yelp.

Kenya: Africa’s innovation hub

Kenya is becoming known as the “Silicon Savannah,” thanks largely to its growing information, communications and technology sector.

It’s a startup world!

Young entrepreneur Bowei Gai traveled the world in search of business startups. He is eager to share what he learned.

Yes, that’s really President Obama tweeting on @POTUS

It took six years, but President Obama finally has his own Twitter account, and the tweets will be "coming exclusively from him," says the White House.

BattleHack: Cybergeniuses code for good causes

For many people, the term hacker carries a negative connotation. But what happens when cybergeniuses create tools for a good cause? One way to find...

‘It’s opened up my whole world’: Bringing the Web to the...

Close your eyes. Plug your ears. Now try to surf the Web. One hundred thousand Americans and millions around the world face this challenge every...