Silhouette of angel fish in front of plastic bottles (State Dept./L. Rawls)

Our ocean should be trash-free

Scientists estimate that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. It's not too late to act and protect #OurOcean: Learn what you can do.
Different types of waste floating underwater (© AP Images)

Pacific garbage soup is entering the food chain. Why you should...

A massive amount of the world’s garbage has found its way to the central Pacific Ocean. Ocean pollution is an urgent issue; learn more.
Diver at reef (Steve de Neef)

Diving into conservation made her a leader — and a ‘mermaid’

Having seen the beauty of marine life, and ocean pollution, diver Anna Oposa realized that the sea needs protection, so she started Save Philippine Seas.
Person with boat in water at sunset (© AP Images)

Haunting melodies can help you hear climate change [video]

Music has always been a useful tool to raise awareness and prompt action on important issues, and global warming is no different. Listen to these sounds.
Shoreline covered with plastic soda bottles (Shutterstock)

Tide turns against plastic ocean pollution

From the deep sea to Arctic ice, oceans are under enormous stress from millions of tons of plastic trash, which can remain in the environment for centuries.
Clownfish in coral reef (© Richard Whitcombe/Shutterstock)

What are marine protected areas, and why should you care?

Healthy marine protected areas safeguard the well-being of people by providing food, medicines and sheer beauty.
Aerial view of Hawaiian islands (NASA)

In Hawaii, Pacific leaders set course to protect the planet

World leaders making up the International Union for Conservation of Nature World Conservation Congress travel to Hawaii for the 2016 conference.
Tiger shark with mouth open (Shutterstock)

Not in our soup: U.S. businesses embrace sustainable fishing

High-profile U.S. companies are taking action to save marine life because bad fishing practices are harming ocean resources.
One seagull grooming another (© AP Images)

7 ways to help preserve our oceans

Tons of plastic garbage, pesticides, global warming and ocean acidification threaten marine life forms, but people can help protect our oceans.