Portrait of woman holding two flags in her hands (U.S. Embassy Seoul)

These U.S. athletes will see you in South Korea

From skiers to skaters, learn about the experiences and passions that drive U.S. Olympians and Paralympians to compete on the world stage.
Woman racing in wheelchair (© AP Images)

How the Americans with Disabilities Act levels the playing field

When a Paralympic athlete was told she couldn't race for her school team, she filed a lawsuit and won, with help from the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Woman hanging from strap in gym (State Dept./University of Tennessee/Jaron Johns)

These athletes prove disabilities are no bar to sports

Vibhas Sen, Keit Jaanimägi, Ali Abu El Nasr and Zabdai Zamuel have proven that disabilities do not hinder their sports.
Electronic waste (© AP Images)

Could these end up in Tokyo’s Olympic medals?

The 5,000 medals of the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics will feature metals — including 40 kilograms of gold — reclaimed from discarded electronic devices.
Man without legs braced and positioned by machine for golfing (© AP Images)

An inventor finds inspiration as he overcomes his own challenges

Adaptive sports in the U.S. have morphed into an international movement through innovators who have overcome their own situations.
Dancer performing on top of overturned wheelchair (© AP Images)

Rio Top Shots

See a selection of “top shots” from the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, showcasing amazing athletes and colorful ceremonies.
Paralympic runners leaving starting blocks (© AP Images)

Sports access builds Paralympic dreams: A world without limits [video]

It's a good bet the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will inspire many to train and compete themselves. Catch the games September 7 to 18.
Seth Jahn sitting on floor (© AP Images)

Seth Jahn: ‘Soccer may have saved my life’

After going to college on an athletic scholarship, Seth Jahn thought he was done with soccer. But soccer wasn't done with him, and it became a life-saver.
Jarryd Wallace running in race (© Getty Images/Julian Finney)

Facing a momentous decision, Jarryd Wallace kept running [video]

“The day I made the first Paralympic team in London in 2012 was a bittersweet moment for me,” said Jarryd Wallace. His leg had been amputated nearby.