Volunteers loading bags and boxes onto truck (© Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

How U.S. philanthropy benefits the world

Americans donated billions of dollars to charitable causes at home and abroad in 2022. Learn about the U.S. culture of helping others.
Cutout headshots on blue background of Paul Farmer, Timothy Shriver, José Andrés, Olga Murray, Jane Aronson, Anthony Shriver and member of Search and Rescue USA (© AP, © Getty Images, USAF/Master Sergeant Jeremy T. Lock)

World Humanitarian Day shines light on real-life heroes

World Humanitarian Day honors those who show that people who want to help others can make a difference. Here are some inspiring examples.
People standing around replica of floor plan on classroom floor (© Patrick G. Ryan/The Catholic University of America)

Sharing in Notre Dame Cathedral’s revival

Learn how U.S. college students built a replica of part of Notre Dame Cathedral and learned traditional French building techniques.
People circling around medical dummy during class (© Yelyzaveta Kalnybolotska/International Medical Corps)

Lending medical support to Ukraine

Learn how people across the U.S. are supplying Ukraine with medical supplies or expertise to aid the nation's recovery efforts.
People looking at exhibits (Shawn Miller/Library of Congress)

Exhibit explores how Americans work together for a cause

Volunteering is one of the pillars of American democracy. Learn about a Library of Congress exhibit that explores voluntary associations.
People organizing food items in large room (© Business Wire/AP Images)

Giving Tuesday: Promoting generosity in the U.S. and beyond

Started in the U.S. in 2012, Giving Tuesday has grown into a worldwide tradition where people in numerous countries help others.
Woman holding packages of food (Courtesy of World Central Kitchen/

They rush into any crisis … and cook

World Central Kitchen has been feeding people in crisis since 2010. Learn about the work the nonprofit does in Ukraine and beyond.
Baseball player and child sitting on stage reading book together (Courtesy of Tyler Schank/Tampa Bay Rays)

U.S. athletes promote reading for young students

Professional athletes encourage students to read books by offering prizes and making public appearances in libraries and schools.
Young girl carrying tray of desserts in room full of diners (© Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

American generosity stays high, study shows

Experts often note that Americans, whether wealthy or of modest means, give generously to those in need. But recent donations break records.