This is where police get better at their jobs

Training at an International Law Enforcement Academy focuses on teaching participants to examine crime more analytically and to communicate better.

Ukraine’s new generation of police officers

As part of its countrywide police-reform effort, Ukraine swore in its first class of new patrol police recruits at an official ceremony in Kyiv.

Why words matter so much to these police in Ukraine

Ukraine’s newly established patrol police force hopes to change the way the country's citizens view law enforcement.

‘One of the darkest days’ Baltimore has ever faced

Baltimore’s mayor, President Obama and Freddie Gray's family condemn the rioting that erupted in Maryland’s largest city following the funeral of Gray, a 25-year-old black man who died from injuries sustained while in police custody.

It’s the same everywhere: There must be trust between police and...

Ukraine is overhauling its law enforcement, including making over its police patrol cars and training new police officers.