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Man looking at material on pallet marked with U.S. flag and 'COVAX' (© Ebrahim Hamid/AFP/Getty Images)

Countries step up global fight against COVID-19

Dozens of nations, private sector groups and nonprofits recently announced new contributions to the global fight against COVID-19.
Person taking temperature of woman in large room with people waiting, seated and standing (USAID/Indonesia)

America’s enduring partnership with ASEAN

The U.S. and ASEAN are celebrating 45 years of collaboration and partnership with a special summit in Washington May 12–13.
Hand wrapped in leather straps of tefillin holding electronic tablet over Torah (© Jacquelyn Martin/AP Images)

Diversity has long defined America’s Jewish community

May is Jewish American Heritage Month. Learn why Jewish people in the United States mirror the country's diversity and why the face of Judaism is changing.
Joe Biden speaking at NATO lectern with U.S. and NATO flags at his sides (© Evan Vucci/AP Images)

Biden, NATO allies pledge billions in new Ukraine aid

During his first trip to Europe since Russia invaded Ukraine, President Biden unveiled actions to hold Putin accountable for war atrocities.
Man spraying bottle of champagne next to group of people in street with Joe Biden mural in background (© Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)

Biden’s heritage links towns in Pennsylvania, Ireland

President Biden's Irish ancestry links two towns in Pennsylvania and County Mayo, Ireland, in their pride of connections.
Sign reading 'flight cancelled' (© Mario Tama/Getty Images)

World isolates Putin’s regime after Ukraine invasion

From blocking financial transactions to stopping energy imports, nations acted to hold Russia's leaders accountable for the attack on Ukraine.
Audience member waving small Ukrainian flag as Joe Biden addresses Congress (© Saul Loeb/AP Images)

Biden salutes Ukrainians’ resolve in State of the Union

In his first State of the Union address to Congress, the president highlighted how the U.S. and partners are united behind Ukraine.
Joe Biden gesturing while speaking at lectern (© Alex Brandon/AP Images)

Biden: ‘Putin has committed an assault on the very principles that...

President Biden made clear to the Russian government and the world the consequences of its "brutal assault" on Ukraine.
President Biden speaking to members of Congress (© Doug Mills/The New York Times/AP Images)

The president’s State of the Union speech: Why it matters

Millions of people around the world are expected to watch President Biden's State of the Union address. Learn why the speech gets attention.