President Obama

President Obama onstage, waving to crowd (© AP Images)

Obama: ‘I leave … more optimistic about this country’

In his farewell speech to the nation, Obama said his faith in America had been strengthened over the past eight years.
President Obama with text reading 'Obama on Race' (State Dept./ J. Maruszewski)

Answers on race in Obama’s own words

Americans are revisiting race relations after recent killings of African Americans and of police. Here's what President Obama says.
President Obama climbing aircraft stairs (© AP Images)

Our favorite Obama travel photos

View some of President Obama's travels to other countries. He met dignitaries and people in all walks of life and saw treasured spots.
Two men walking toward wreaths of flowers attended by man in uniform (© AP Images)

A message of peace as Obama and Abe honor fallen at...

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe joined President Obama at Pearl Harbor to commemorate the fallen in the war between their countries.
Michelle Obama leaning against President Obama (© AP Images)

A year in White House photos

Here are some of our favorite images from the White House, taken by chief White House photographer Pete Souza and photojournalists covering President Obama.
Ellen DeGeneres standing next to President Obama at podium and another man holding medal (© AP Images)

‘Today we celebrate extraordinary Americans’

Athletes, artists and scientists were among the 21 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America’s highest civilian honor, November 22.
President Obama sitting in front of monitors flanked by woman in NASA uniform and man in business suit (© AP Images)

Obama relishes role as ‘nerd in chief’

President Obama makes it cool to be a nerd, whether spending time with students at the White House Science Fair or learning from biomedical scientists.
President Obama meeting with student scientists (White House)

Kid science advisers counsel the president to think big

President Obama brought his newest advisory group — Kid Science Advisors — to the Oval Office to discuss how to engage kids with science and technology.
Star Wars' R2-D2 and a stormtrooper standing in the White House (© AP Images)

Star Wars versus Star Trek: Obama weighs in

These eight science fiction movies and shows made an impression on President Obama. How does your list of favorites compare?