President Obama

Obamas and Singhs at White House (© AP Images)

The pleasure of your company: The Obamas’ state dinners

President Obama has held state dinners for 17 foreign leaders. The lavish events allow the president and first lady to combine diplomacy with glamour.
Hand and robotic fist touching (© AP Images)

He gave President Obama the most futuristic fist bump

Ten years after he was paralyzed, Nathan Copeland could feel President Obama's handshake — and fist bump — thanks to a robotic arm with the sense of touch.
President Obama sitting at desk, writing (White House/Pete Souza)

Obama talks tech as guest editor of Wired

President Obama served as editor in chief for a top tech magazine, Wired. See what he's exploring in the November issue.
Sun setting showing shadows of four people walking (© AP Images)

Obama: ‘The world meets the moment’ on climate

The Paris climate agreement will enter into force November 4, after the EU ratified the accord to bring it past a key threshold.
President Obama sitting with Lego statue (White House/Pete Souza)

Changemakers shine at White House’s South by South Lawn

President Obama invited Leonardo DiCaprio, the CEO of an agricultural tech startup and musicians to the White House for SXSL, a festival of changemakers.
Tiered building at sunset reflecting off black tiles (© Alan Karchmer/Smithsonian Institution)

Get a peek at the new African-American history museum [video]

The Obamas visited the National Museum of African-American History and Culture ahead of its opening on September 24. Watch the video for a tour.
Two clasped African-American hands raised in front of American flag (© AP Images)

South Carolina city heals a year after church shooting [video]

After an attack on a church in Charleston, South Carolina, residents responded with forgiveness and an intensified commitment to mend race relations.
President Obama looking into a crowd of young African leaders (© AP Images)

Want to be an important politician? Start now.

In many developing countries, the majority of the population is younger than 25, something young political hopefuls should keep in mind.
Abid Riaz Qureshi (© AP images)

Obama nominates Muslim American as federal judge

President Obama has nominated Abid Riaz Qureshi to be a federal judge. If confirmed, he would be the first Muslim American to serve in such a role.