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Security forces arresting demonstrator (© Andalou Agency/Getty Images)

Russians risk arrest for protesting Putin’s war of aggression in Ukraine

Thousands of Russians are publicly taking a stand against Putin's war in Ukraine, protesting in the streets or petitioning for peace.
Main building of Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) (© Ivan Sekretarev/AP Images)

The Kremlin’s disinformation tactics: Media manipulation [video]

The Kremlin's overall disinformation goals are to manipulate and weaken adversaries. Learn how to spot some clues of Russian disinformation.
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How the U.S. supports a free and open Indo-Pacific

The U.S. supports a free and open Indo-Pacific and works to improve prosperity, fight climate change and support democracy in the region.
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Celebrating World Radio Day

World Radio Day is an international day celebrated every year on February 13. Learn the important role radio still plays today.
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Russia’s one-sided reporting and blatant disinformation

The Kremlin directs state-run media outlets to amplify false stories, making it hard for the public to distinguish what is true..
Illustration of megaphone with 3 sound waves coming out on top of Russian flag (State Dept.)

Russia targets Ukraine with disinformation campaign

Russia's state media continue to publish stories that they know are untrue. Find out how one story in Ukraine was distorted.
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Russia’s leaders use state media as a political weapon

Russia's state-owned media remain loyal to the government and stifle opposing views. The outlets spread disinformation about other nations.
Young men and women laughing around a video camera and boom mic (Courtesy of Hetq Media Factory)

Supporting independent journalism in Europe

Meet some reporters in Serbia, Armenia and Georgia who inform their communities and build a tradition of journalistic independence.
Biden sitting at table talking and gesturing (© Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

Biden kicks off Summit for Democracy with ambitious new initiatives

In a first-of-its-kind virtual event, President Biden convened world leaders to find ways to bolster democracy and unveiled new U.S. plans.