Man working in row of huge wind turbine sections (© AP Images)

Offshore wind farm is a U.S. first

The first offshore wind farm in the United States is set to open off the coast of Rhode Island soon, ushering in a new era for the U.S. wind industry.

These trucks will soon deliver cleaner air

Trucks move 70 percent of U.S. freight, but they emit as much CO2 as 130 coal plants. That’s why President Obama's new fuel-economy standards are crucial.
Large ship near shore (© AP Images)

Ashore and at sea, U.S. Navy trims use of fossil fuels

The U.S. Navy's goal is to get 50 percent of all the fuel it needs for its ships, jets and shore installations from alternative, renewable sources by 2020.
Drop of water hanging from melting iceberg (© AP Images)

U.S. agencies have a new tool for addressing climate change

A new directive requires U.S. federal agencies to quantify greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact before starting projects.
Rows of air conditioners attached to exterior walls (Flickr/Niall Kennedy)

What cool climate project could be worth 1,500 power plants?

China, India, Canada, Saudi Arabia and the United States launch the Advanced Cooling Challenge to crank up a new era of air conditioning.
Worker kneeling and welding inside large steel tube (Shutterstock)

Could a steel mill yield clean fuel for cars?

A new way to make money and help the environment is the circular economy. This process involves reusing materials to prevent waste from reaching landfills.
View through circular opening of customer in vault of Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank (© AP Images)

These firms go round in circles. That’s a good thing.

The circular economy is a way to use and give back to the environment at the same time — and stop global warming.

Pollution solutions: Invest today for a payoff tomorrow

Countering ozone and black carbon pollution that damage crops will pay off big time, and fast.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Repeat.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. The U.S. has been on a 50-year journey toward those goals, which are the focal point of World Environment Day, June 5.