reducing waste

Silhouette of angel fish in front of plastic bottles (State Dept./L. Rawls)

Our ocean should be trash-free

Scientists estimate that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. It's not too late to act and protect #OurOcean: Learn what you can do.
Shoreline covered with plastic soda bottles (Shutterstock)

Tide turns against plastic ocean pollution

From the deep sea to Arctic ice, oceans are under enormous stress from millions of tons of plastic trash, which can remain in the environment for centuries.
Cardboard recycling cutout on grass (Shutterstock)

A quest to make packaging Earth-friendly

Industrial engineer Paul Tasner creates biodegradable packaging that would offer the same quality as its plastic counterparts.
Performers dancing at 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony (© AP Images)

Rio goes gold, silver, bronze and green

Those watching the Opening Ceremony and viewing the Olympic Games see climate change as a major theme, from sustainable food to recycled medals.
Man taking photo of huge, white wind turbine blade (© AP Images)

Recycling old wind turbine blades could be the next business opportunity

Many in the renewable energy industry are looking to turn a potential landfill problem into a profitable recycling opportunity.
Malikca Cummings and workers taking apart machines to find recyclable material (Courtesy of Malikca Cummings)

Malikca Cummings: Profiting from a better environment

Malikca Cummings, founder of an e-waste recycling company in the Caribbean, will be attending the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in California.
Long mounds of trash in Beirut (© AP Images)

Lebanon takes out the trash

The streets of Beirut are finally getting cleared of the heaps of trash that have mounted ever since Lebanon’s largest landfill closed nearly a year ago.
Women picking from garden with bowl of strawberries in foreground (© AP Images)

Will silk replace plastic and prevent food waste?

About half of the produce grown for human consumption spoils. A silk protein could keep food from going to waste and reduce the need for plastics.
Four-propeller plane flying over river (© AP Images)

Solar pilot: ‘I flew over plastic waste as big as a...

During his solar-powered plane ride over the Pacific Ocean, pilot Bertrand Piccard saw a troubling scene: a mass of plastics polluting the water.