Earth Day 2023 poster with illustration of Earth and heavenly bodies as gears and hand holding wrench to fix them (State Dept./D. Thompson)

Download this poster for Earth Day 2023

For Earth Day, take time to think about how you can invest in our planet and why "everyone, everywhere" must do more.
Supermoon undergoing partial eclipse above traffic and manufacturing plant emitting smoke (© Gerald Herbert/AP Images)

Everything you need to know about carbon capture

What's the difference between carbon capture and carbon removal? Learn more about both emerging technologies here.
Pipelines criss-crossing a green landscape (© AP Images)

Can the Earth be saved by turning CO2 to stone?

There may be a new way to capture harmful greenhouse gases and keep global temperatures from rising without doing other damage to the Earth.
Bird flying near iceberg in Antarctica (© AP Images)

Bright spot: Antarctica’s ozone hole is starting to shrink

Years of polluting the atmosphere with chlorine caused a hole in the ozone layer. But thanks to international efforts, the ozone hole is starting to heal.
Spiral graph showing rising global temperature data (Ed Hawkins)

You haven’t seen climate change like this before

Climate scientist Ed Hawkins has created a dramatic animation to illustrate how much global temperatures have risen over the past 166 years.