Voter filling out ballot at end of line of voting booths (© John Minchillo/AP Images)

Trump administration reaffirms election integrity

A new executive order requires mandatory sanctions and other consequences for foreign individuals or governments that attempt to meddle in U.S. elections.
Police behind police tape looking at crime scene (© Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

U.S., world leaders back British findings in nerve agent cases

Read what world leaders are saying about the two separate nerve agent attacks in England earlier this year and what investigators have discovered.
Group of cyclists on the road (© Misha Lytvynyuk Photography)

Ukrainian cyclists ride for peace across U.S. and Canada

Learn why these Ukrainian cyclists are riding 10,000 kilometers from Los Angeles to Washington, sharing their experiences and hope for peace along the way.
People sitting in front of landscape painting (© Evgeniy Maloletka/AP Images)

Eastern Ukraine’s accelerating humanitarian crisis

Russian-led forces have stepped up their military assault in eastern Ukraine's Donbas region. The result is a worsening humanitarian crisis for 3.4 million Ukrainians.
Woman standing in front of row of coats looking at book (© Alexander Aksakov/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

Jehovah’s Witnesses: Champions of religious freedom

Jehovah's Witnesses are law-abiding people of faith who follow a unique interpretation of the Bible. Russia's Supreme Court decided Witnesses' views make them “extremists,” and now 50 face criminal prosecution.
Political leaders staring up into sky (© Markus Schreiber/AP Images)

NATO allies boost defense spending, emerge united from summit

President Trump called NATO "very powerful" and "very strong" after a summit where allies agreed to shoulder more of the collective defense burden.
U.S. Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman Jr. (© Yegor Aleyev/TASS/Getty Images)video

U.S. ambassador speaks to Russians about attack on Syria [video]

Watch the U.S. ambassador to Russia talk about the recent allied strike in Syria — a response to a chemical weapons attack that killed more than 40 people.
Side-by-side headshots of Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel and Theresa May (© AP Images)

World leaders condemn Russia for nerve agent attack

Leaders from the U.S., France, Germany and the U.K. have accused Russia of being behind the nerve agent attack on a British citizen and his daughter.
Disinformation word cloud (© Shutterstock)video

Russia amps up disinformation following nerve attack [video]

Denials and distractions are coming from Russia following the recent nerve agent attack in England. Watch for yourself in this video from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Office.