Two men holding swords, dressed in capes, walking toward castle (© Getty Images)

Game of Thrones and the Russian language [video]

Dothraki, the language spoken by the warrior tribe of Essos from the show “Game of Thrones,” borrows many of its components from Russian.
Woman standing at edge of canyon (Courtesy of Mariia Kharina)

Lessons from a Russian teaching in West Virginia

Teaching in the United States has been a life-changing experience for Mariia Kharina, who lectures at Bluefield State College in West Virginia.
Ballerina leaping in air (© Getty Images)

The Bolshoi’s first American ballerina, in her own words

When Joy Womack was 7 years old, she told her mom that one day she would become a ballerina with the famous Bolshoi Ballet.
Collage of Russian stamps (State Dept.)

Smithsonian’s rare Russian stamps

One of the world's greatest collections of stamps from Imperial Russia is in the Smithsonian Institution's National Postal Museum in Washington.
Maria Daume wearing camouflage makeup and military uniform (U.S. Marine Corps/Staff Sergeant Greg Thomas)

From Russia to the Marines, her next stop is infantry school

Born in a Russian prison, Maria Daume has become one of the first women to graduate from U.S. Marine Corps basic training and qualify for infantry school.
Northeast U.S. map with pins in Washington and New York City (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

Insights of a Russian writer traveling in the U.S.

What can one learn about America through the lens of a Russian journalist? An award-winning Russian writer traveling in the U.S. tells us.
Bob Hoover waving at cameras (© AP Images)

Gagarin helped this daredevil pilot achieve his greatest stunt: an escape...

Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin's intervention kept daredevil pilot Bob Hoover out of the clutches of Soviet authorities after an airshow stunt over Moscow.
Three men standing in front of wall of pink flowers (© Andrey Natotsinsky)

Meet Pompeya, the Russian indie rock band touring America [video]

Russian band Pompeya wins over fans in America with their unique sound and lyrics. Watch what the buzz is about and how they're bringing Russia to the U.S.
Woman, man and child dressed in Viking costumes (Instagram/comicconrussia)

In Moscow and New York, Comic Con brightens October [video]

Are you a comic book fan? You might be interested in Comic Con, one of the biggest events of the year, held each October in New York and Moscow.