Voter filling out ballot at end of line of voting booths (© John Minchillo/AP Images)

Trump administration reaffirms election integrity

A new executive order requires mandatory sanctions and other consequences for foreign individuals or governments that attempt to meddle in U.S. elections.
Police behind police tape looking at crime scene (© Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

U.S., world leaders back British findings in nerve agent cases

Read what world leaders are saying about the two separate nerve agent attacks in England earlier this year and what investigators have discovered.
Drawing of classical-style building with pillars (State Dept.)

The Iranian network that turned money into violence [infographic]

With the help of the UAE, the U.S. has disrupted a financial network that aims to fund the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' violent activities.
Graphic showing classical building with pillars (State Dept.)

How U.S. caught Iran’s Central Bank funneling money to Hezbollah [infographic]

Iran funnels money for terrorism from the Quds Force through the Central Bank of Iran and a bank with ties to Hezbollah. Learn what the U.S. discovered.
Mike Pompeo and President Trump (© Olivier Douliery/Getty Images)

U.S. reinstates sanctions against Iran

Sanctions that were lifted under the Iran nuclear deal are returning. Here's what will happen next and which sectors will be affected.
Airplanes on tarmac, with one taking off (© Vahid Salemi/AP Images)

This Iranian airline spreads violence and terror

Mahan Air has transported weapons and fighters to support the Iranian government's proxy wars in the Middle East. The nuclear deal didn't change their behavior one bit.
Large crowd of protesters (© Marvin Recinos/AFP/Getty Images)

U.S. condemns ongoing violence in Nicaragua

Under the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act of 2016, the United States has sanctioned three Nicaraguans accused of corruption or human rights abuses against peaceful protesters.
Colorful oil barrels stacked up (Shutterstock)

Foreign companies pull back from business with Iran

The renewed U.S. sanctions against Iran are prompting foreign companies to halt transactions with Iran. They don't want to lose U.S. business.
Rows of people in costume with arms raised (© AP Images)

Timeline of U.S.–North Korea diplomatic history

This week’s U.S.-North Korea summit is not the first attempt to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula. Here’s a brief timeline of U.S.-North Korea diplomatic relations.