Spiral graph showing rising global temperature data (Ed Hawkins)

You haven’t seen climate change like this before

Climate scientist Ed Hawkins has created a dramatic animation to illustrate how much global temperatures have risen over the past 166 years.
Salma Hayek posing in front of city skyline (© AP Images)

Arab Americans who have made a difference

Arab influences can be found throughout America, from actors to scientists. Meet some of the Arab Americans making a positive mark.
Rocket launching (© NASA Images)

This might inspire you to find your own launch opportunities

If you are a budding scientist with an unsupportive counselor, “stick to your guns,” Sandra Cauffman says. “This is the 21st century!”
Man holding guitar-shaped game control and watching screen (Wexner Medical Center/Battelle)

For quadriplegic this brain chip’s not science fiction [video]

After a diving accident left Ian Burkhart paralyzed, he began working with a local medical center to find ways to regain the use of his hands.
Drawing of satellite orbiting Earth (State Dept.)

Sea level is rising. Here’s what we can do about it....

Sea levels are rising faster than expected. Find out what this means for you and our planet in this video.
Alyssum Pohl paddling in the Mississippi River with St. Louis Arch in the background (Leanne Davis)

This kayaker makes the Mississippi her own science lab

A scientist and novice kayaker paddled more than 3,700 kilometers to test for plastic particles in Mississippi River water. Here's what she found.
President Obama hugging girl next to her display (© AP Images)

What in the world? Whiz kids fill the White House with...

Meet the world's youngest superheroes — the innovators who participated in the White House Science Fair!
Twins in NASA flightsuits facing each other (NASA)

Meet the twin astronauts taking us closer to Mars

NASA scientists observe the differences in people who are genetically the same when one is in space and the other on Earth.
Student sitting on mat, writing in chalk on slate tablet (© AP Images)

Boost your brain by learning a new language

Mastering a new language not only can boost your confidence, introduce you to a new culture or land you a job; it also can offer cognitive benefits.