Secretary Kerry

Secretary of State John Kerry speaking at podium (© AP Images)

Secretary Kerry: ‘We don’t get a second chance’ on climate

"What we do right now, today, matters," Kerry told delegates at a climate change summit developing rules to implement the Paris climate agreement.
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Obama: ‘The world meets the moment’ on climate

The Paris climate agreement will enter into force November 4, after the EU ratified the accord to bring it past a key threshold.
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A year of strengthening U.S.-Cuba ties

On July 20, 2015, the U.S. and Cuba re-established full diplomatic ties, and they are working together on environmental issues and more.
Crowd holding rainbow flags and cheering (© AP Images)

Advancing gay rights: ‘The heart and conscience of our diplomacy’

There has been much progress in advancing the human rights of LGBTI people, but more work remains, Secretary Kerry and activists say.
Man waving flag in front of U.S. Supreme Court (© AP Images)

LGBTI rights are a U.S. priority. Randy Berry can tell you...

“LGBTI persons are entitled to “the same human rights and fundamental freedoms as anyone, anywhere,” says U.S. special envoy Randy Berry.
People outdoors next to dwellings made from containers (© AP Images)

Human rights hero shines light on Romani history

Activist Petre Florin Manole learned about himself growing up in Bucharest from a volume on the history of the Roma that he discovered in secondary school.
Jason Rezaian and John Kerry sitting together and talking (© AP Images)

Without a free press, countries have ‘nothing to teach’

“A country without a free and independent press has nothing to brag about, nothing to teach and no way to fulfill its potential,” Secretary Kerry says.
Child with albinism leaning against reflective surface (© AP Images)

A reporter uncovers the lies that hurt people with albinism

A child born with albinism already faces severe health risks. What's worse is they are targeted by those who believe superstitions spread by witch doctors.
An iceberg in Greenland (© AP Images)

Signing the Paris agreement is a big step toward tackling climate...

Many countries have signed and some have gone further to "join" the Paris agreement to slow climate change — so what's next?