Protesters gathered around fire and smoke (© AFP/Getty Images)

Top five stories in Iran in 2019

2019 was a year of unrest in Iran as people took to the streets to protest a regime that continued to oppress its citizens while fueling conflicts abroad.
Military members marching in formation behind U.S. flag (Dept. of Defense/E.J. Hersom)

Peace through sports at the 2019 Military World Games

Military athletes from countries around the world came together in China in October to participate in the 7th Military World Games.

Will Iranian regime allow women into sport stadiums?

FIFA says the Iranian regime must permit women to attend the next World Cup qualification game in Tehran and all future soccer games in Iran.
Fans in stands cheering (© Matthias Schrader/AP Images)

U.S. represents at World Cup through team kit

Fans around the world are wearing jerseys to support their team in the World Cup. See how American companies are helping to outfit some of the world's best players.
Soccer ball hitting net during soccer match (© Matt Dunham/AP Images)

U.S., Mexico and Canada win historic bid to host 2026 World...

The World Cup is going to get bigger — the United States, Mexico and Canada won a joint bid to host the first 48-team tournament in 2026.
Two soccer players battling for ball (© AP Images)

U.S., Canada, Mexico make historic bid for 2026 World Cup

In 2026, the World Cup might play out on its biggest stage ever. The U.S., Mexico and Canada announced a joint bid to host the tournament.
Two children playing soccer (Courtesy of Spirit of Soccer)

How soccer can save lives

April 4 is International Mine Awareness Day. Learn how teaching kids soccer can protect them from land mines.
Feet wearing athletic shoes resting on soccer ball (© Dyah K. Miller/Arteologie)

For refugees, Cincinnati — and soccer — to the rescue

RefugeeConnect is using the universal love of soccer to connect refugees with resources, scholarship programs, English lessons and communities.

Score a goal with the language of soccer

You don’t have to play football — or soccer — to speak the language of the world’s most popular sport. Just use any of these common soccer-related phrases.