social activism

Woman in wheelchair using elevator to board bus (© Steven Senne/AP)

Protecting the rights of people with disabilities helps all of us

Learn how increasing disability rights in a single country can lead to better outcomes, from social inclusion to strengthened economies.
Martin Luther King Jr. waving to crowd gathered along reflecting pool (© AFP/Getty Images)

How King’s words brought America closer to its best

Sixty years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech that changed history. A scholar and a poet explain why his words still move Americans.
People sitting on chairs on stage listening to person speaking at lectern (State Dept./Freddie Everett)

Celebrating champions of equity and justice

The U.S. honored six courageous advocates who are combating systemic racism in their home countries. Learn about their vital work.
People walking through Red Square after sunset in Moscow (© Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP)

Russia’s top talent fleeing to other countries

Russians continue to leave their country for opportunities elsewhere because of the war in Ukraine and political repression.
Partial image of four faces between two edges of torn paper (Graphic: State Dept./J. Maruszewski. Photos: © Michael Hall/The Image Bank, © fizkes/iStock, © 123ducu/E+, © Zurijeta/iStock, all via Getty Images)

Working together to end human trafficking

A new U.S. report will inform efforts to end human trafficking. Learn about heroes who are working to address this global challenge.
Andrei Sakharov and Yelena Bonner standing in urban setting (© Daniel Janin/AFP/Getty Images)

Honoring human rights champion Andrei Sakharov

Prominent musicians will perform a benefit concert at Carnegie Hall in New York in honor of Andrei Sakharov, a respected Russian scientist.
Activists holding rainbow flag in parade (© Andre Penner/AP)

A day to stop discrimination against LGBTQI+ people

Learn more about the forms of discrimination LGBTQI+ people face and how everyone can create a more inclusive world.
Illustration of people looking at phones while walking past large column with electrical diagram as its grooves (State Dept./D. Thompson)

How technology can strengthen democracy

Activists are using technology to promote democracy initiatives. Find out how social justice movements use social media to build support.
Tight photo of woman's hand holding candle in Ukrainian flag colors with words 'We Want Peace' (© David 'Dee' Delgado/Reuters)

Russians in the U.S., and elsewhere, press for peace

Many Russians in the U.S. and around the world continue to voice their opposition to Russia's war against Ukraine.