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Omar Mohamed Ali in boat (Courtesy of Ali Family)

Help shine a light on political prisoners who aren’t #FreeToBeHome

Thousands of people are detained for what they think. Join in the #FreeToBeHome social media campaign calling for the release of all political prisoners.
Bono raising hands in peace signs (© AP Images)

U2’s Bono nabs unique award for women’s rights activism

Irish rock star Bono receives a brand-new accolade: Glamour magazine’s first Man of the Year.
Police officer in uniform (© AP Images)

3 police chiefs on race and policing

Three police chiefs in the U.S. address perceptions of law enforcement and how their departments are improving their communities.
A police officer handing out ice cream from a truck (Courtesy of Boston Police Dept.)

What does ice cream have to do with policing?

Through their community policing outreach effort, this police department is handing out ice cream. See how other cities are reducing crime in their streets.
Woman speaking into the camera (State Dept.)

Youth & the Global Agenda Webchat

Want to participate in global issues but don't know where to start? U.N. Youth Observer Nicol Perez is taking your questions on September 27 at 15:00 UTC.
Man with tattooed arm (Mark Seliger)

Embracing life after hate

Christian Picciolini used to be a member of a neo-Nazi skinhead group. Now he works "to counter the seeds of hate we once planted."
Lonnie Bunch standing with his suit jacket slung over his shoulder (© AP Images)

One man’s history lesson: Fight for racial equality propels today’s causes

The civil rights movement gave people — all people — the sense that profound change was possible. Through marches and activism, great change followed.
Leonardo DiCaprio standing in front of fish banner backdrop (© AP Images)

Leonardo DiCaprio unveils new, free tech to protect fish

Actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio has launched Global Fishing Watch, which teams up with tech giants to use satellites for spotting illegal fishing.
Aerial view of partially submerged houses (© AP Images)

These Republicans and Democrats put their politics aside. Here’s why.

Putting partisanship aside, young Republicans and Democrats are working together to help a Louisiana community after it was devastated by a flood.