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The Progress of Pride: LGBTI Rights Global Webchat

Join a live webchat with Special Envoy Randy Berry June 14 to discuss the film "Matt Shepard Is a Friend of Mine," LGBTI issues and promoting tolerance.
Two women hugging in front of Stonewall sign (© AP Images)

Will the U.S. get a monument to gay rights?

Soon, the Stonewall Inn could be dedicated as the first national monument in the U.S. for the LGBTI civil rights movement.

‘Give me a T!’ A spirited group hopes to save this...

A group of tiger mascots representing colleges from across the U.S. is teaming up to protect real tigers in the wild.

International students challenge extremism

Abeera Akhtar and her colleagues at Pakistan's Lahore University of Management Sciences started the FATE (From Apathy to Empathy) project against extremism.

How Arab Americans make their voices heard

Arab Americans have one of the highest rates of political participation of any ethnic group in the U.S. and serve at every level of the government.

Can a hashtag change the world?

The hashtag #2030now received over 1.6 billion Twitter hits as people around the world followed the events at the 2015 Social Good Summit in New York City.

Former Miss Jordan takes aim at terrorists online

What’s sure to be one of Daesh’s (ISIS, ISIL) worst nightmares is coming true: A woman is blunting the terrorists’ online messaging and recruiting efforts.

Shot for wanting an education, Malala now inspires a university curriculum

"Who is Malala?" the gunman demanded of bus passengers in Pakistan's Swat Valley before firing his weapon, injuring his target and two of her...