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Cartoon drawing of cat driving car (State Dept.)

The adventures of ‘Energy Cat’ [video]

The cat is out of the bag: Renewable energy is the future. Thomas, the Energy Cat, tells us how all the sun and wind around us can power the planet.
Solar panels in circle around tower in middle of plain (Courtesy of SolarReserve)

Salting away renewable energy for future use

Molten salt could be the key to unlocking a future full of renewable energy. During peak times the salt stores solar power that can be saved and used later.
Solar panels lining rural road (© AP Images)

Tech giants Apple and Google get into the solar business

This year, Apple applied to sell excess electricity from new renewable energy installations. Google, Amazon and Walmart started similar programs.
Sun shining throught solar panels (Shutterstock)

‘Grid parity’ is key to stopping climate change. Here’s why.

What does grid parity have to do with climate change? Everything. As the cost of renewable energy drops, so does the dependence on traditional energy.
Rooftop solar panels with skyscrapers in the distance (© AP Images)

Your home + solar panels = distributed generation

Renewable energy resources such as solar and wind have opened up new possibilities for distributed power generation and transmission.
Lava flowing from volcano (© AP Images)

From lava to solar: These renewables are so hot right now

What type of energy do you use? The five dominant sources of renewable energy range from solar and wind to lava and biomass.
Solar panels in desert (Courtesy of Sempra U.S. Gas and Power)

U.S. Navy gets greener

Sempra Energy's new solar array will supply 14 Navy and Marine Corps installations one-third of their electricity needs for the next 25 years.
People playing board game (Courtesy of New River Valley Livability Initiative)

Board games, interactive theater help a Virginia community plan for the...

The New River Valley community in rural Virginia found creative ways to ensure that progress and growth take into account how resources are used.
Illustration of sun in corked jar (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

5 myths about solar energy

What's stopping you from using solar energy? Get the facts straight and make myths about solar energy a thing of the past.