solar power

Wind and solar energy industries get some well-deserved credit from Congress

By extending tax credits for renewable energy sources, the U.S. government intends to increase their supply and use.

Even in oil-rich Texas, ‘solar makes sense’

The iconic oil derricks of the West Texas horizon may soon be overshadowed, as solar panels and wind turbines drive a renewable energy rush.

A road to the future is paved with solar panels

Entrepreneurs Scott and Julie Brusaw use crowdfunding to bring a powerful idea to the world.

U.S. homebuilders are capturing the sun

More than half a million U.S. homes and businesses have gone solar. Lower installation costs and growing government incentives have made it easier and...

Check out these 3 innovative solutions from young energy companies

New approaches to harvesting energy are taking shape. Three ingenious projects give you a taste of what the energy future might look like. The sky...
Girl drinking water from pipe (AP Images)

Solar-powered water kiosks? In these rural villages, yes.

The reality is grim: worldwide, 780 million people — one out of every nine — lack access to clean water. Texas-born and Harvard-educated Anand Shah wanted a solution. After...
Wind turbines silhouetted by sun (AP Images)

Communities win with renewable energy

Americans love to compete. It might be baseball, or basketball power? Beginning in 2013, a number of U.S. cities stepped up to the...
Taxis in flooded parking lot (AP Images)

President Obama needs your help fighting climate change [video]

We are the last generation that can do something about climate change, President Obama says. Learn what you can do to help.