NASA needs new astronauts: Would you have what it takes?

As NASA starts its search for the next space explorers, and potential travelers to Mars, Mexican-American astronaut José Hernández shares his experience.

From lab to fork

Scientists and entrepreneurs are changing the way we grow our food, making agriculture ripe for another green revolution.

Help for farmers…from outer space

NASA launched the Soil Moisture Active Passive satellite, designed to collect data on soil moisture around the globe.

Pluto: Ready for its close-up

The New Horizons spacecraft approaches Pluto, offering humans their first close-up view of a solar system outpost, after a 10-year journey.
Cosmic array like fireworks

Things you should know about the Hubble Space Telescope

Twenty-five years and 4.8 billion kilometers later, NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) mark the anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope launch.

In America, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to...

People have always been fascinated with the moon, stars and planets. "Space exploration captures the imagination and helps us understand who we are, where...

Will entrepreneurs lead humanity to the stars?

"I've wanted to fly into space since I was a child," says Peter Diamandis. Now he helps others realize their space-exploration dreams. Diamandis founded the...
Two scientists work on their lunar lander.

Google’s Lunar XPrize drives private space race

In his mind, aerospace engineer and entrepreneur Ruben Nunez set out for the moon the day he heard about the Google Lunar XPrize, a...

Nations reaching together for the stars…on this day

Humans have imagined living in space for as long as they have looked up at the stars. Sixteen years ago today, on November 20,...