Rocket launching (© NASA Images)

This might inspire you to find your own launch opportunities

If you are a budding scientist with an unsupportive counselor, “stick to your guns,” Sandra Cauffman says. “This is the 21st century!”
Drawing of satellite orbiting Earth (State Dept.)video

Sea level is rising. Here’s what we can do about it....

Sea levels are rising faster than expected. Find out what this means for you and our planet in this video.
Planet Mars (NASA)

Space potatoes could feed first explorers on Mars

NASA scientists are looking to make spuds on Mars a reality as they work on developing a mission to that planet and back in the 2030s.
Twins in NASA flightsuits facing each other (NASA)

Meet the twin astronauts taking us closer to Mars

NASA scientists observe the differences in people who are genetically the same when one is in space and the other on Earth.
NASA astronaut Ellen Ochoa looking out window toward Earth (NASA)

Breaking the glass ceiling in outer space

NASA's first female astronauts paved the way for a generation of girls, like 13-year-old Alyssa Carson.

Astronaut shares spectacular views from a year in space

Scott Kelly, the commander of the International Space Station, has captured some amazing views of cities and scenery, unavailable to the earthbound.

NASA needs new astronauts: Would you have what it takes?

As NASA starts its search for the next space explorers, and potential travelers to Mars, Mexican-American astronaut José Hernández shares his experience.

From lab to fork

Scientists and entrepreneurs are changing the way we grow our food, making agriculture ripe for another green revolution.

Help for farmers…from outer space

NASA launched the Soil Moisture Active Passive satellite, designed to collect data on soil moisture around the globe.