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Women entrepreneurs are changing the face of business in Turkey

Awareness is growing in Turkey about entrepreneurship. There are now networks and incubators to help budding entrepreneurs find mentors and investors.
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Here are the most inviting countries for an entrepreneur

When entrepreneurs come up with big ideas with the potential to make a splash in global markets, a key decision is where to base their operations.
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The entrepreneurial spirit picks up steam in Mexico

A growing number of Mexican entrepreneurs are bringing new services and products to market. Private and public programs help them gain knowledge.
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Failure can be good for your business

Nobody likes to fail. But when business leaders discuss their successes, they often start by talking about failure. Failure can be a good teacher.
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Global Entrepreneurship Week highlights innovators

Over 160 countries are celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week November 14–20, with 35,000 events worldwide. See what the hype is about.
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For some refugees, a new start is a startup

Many refugees who have resettled in the U.S. have launched new businesses, from restaurants to retail stores. Here are some of their stories.
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European business incubator to open in New York

Europe’s largest business incubator will open its first U.S. site in New York City. It's designed to boost international opportunities for startups.
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Women might be especially good at this high-stakes career

If you're an entrepreneur who's good at giving advice and identifying potentially successful startups, you might consider becoming a venture capitalist.
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Facing a barrier? Acknowledge it. Talk about it. Move around it....

Businesswoman Julie Hanna says entrepreneurs often face barriers. The key to success is acknowledging those barriers and getting help to resolve issues.