Woman fighter holding yellow banner (© Bulent Kilic/AFP via Getty Images)

ISIS’ reign of terror ends in Raqqa. Fight to destroy ISIS...

The rout of Islamic State forces continues across Iraq and Syria, where Raqqa, the city the extremists called their capital, is free from ISIS brutality.
Military jets in silhouette (© AP Images)

Accelerating the campaign to annihilate ISIS

Progress in driving ISIS from territory it seized in Iraq and Syria has dramatically accelerated under the Trump administration.
Nikki Haley speaking (© Volkan Furuncu/Anadolu/Getty Images)

The gavel passes quickly for U.N. Security Council presidents

No one can run for president of the United Nations Security Council. The job simply rotates each month among the 15 nations.
Syrian child receiving oxygen from a medic (© Getty Images)

In photos: The chemical attack in Syria

Images from Syria's chemical attack on its own people on April 4 continue to shock the world.
Donald Trump speaking into a microphone (© Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

President Trump, Ambassador Haley decry chemical attack in Syria

President Trump and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley condemn the Syrian regime’s April 4 chemical attack on its own people.
Gas masks (© Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

Ridding the world of chemical weapons

Global leaders are condemning Syria for what President Trump calls its "barbaric" chemical weapon attack on April 4 that killed scores of civilians.
Man standing at lectern (Courtesy of Hamze “Leo” Sukkar)

A consortium helps Syrian college students finish school, rebuild their lives

Universities in North America and Europe in the Syria Consortium for Higher Education in Crisis have given scholarships to more than 300 Syrian students.
Omar Mohamed Ali in boat (Courtesy of Ali Family)

Help shine a light on political prisoners who aren’t #FreeToBeHome

Thousands of people are detained for what they think. Join in the #FreeToBeHome social media campaign calling for the release of all political prisoners.

Art From Exile: Syrian refugees find their voices through art

If civil war forced you to flee your homeland, how would you live? That question is at the heart of an exhibition by eight Syrian artists based in Istanbul.