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One approach for bringing jobs to low-income neighborhoods [video]

A company in Washington trains young men and women to install solar panels in low-income communities at no cost to residents.
Large group of people posing for photo (Courtesy of Andela)

A jump-start for Africa’s new generation of tech talent

Andela, a New York–based training company, has set out on a mission of finding and grooming the best software developers in Africa — thousands of them.
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New York City banks on tech women

To get there, New York City is tripling its investment in programs for computer science students and hoping more women will sign up.
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If you are afraid of public speaking, read this

At some point, everyone needs to speak in front of an audience of one or more with some kind of goal. Here are some helpful tips from an expert.

Unsafe working conditions take lives, harm global economy

Safety and health at work is a basic human right; however, job-related injuries and sickness kill more than 2.3 million people annually.

What can MOOCs do for your chances of getting into a...

It's becoming clear that enrolling in massive open online courses (MOOCs) also helps students to gain admission at U.S. colleges.
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The world needs 4 million new teachers. Is your country running...

An estimated 12 million more teachers will be needed by 2020 to achieve universal primary education.
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No Internet? Take an online course offline…at MOOC Camp

Massive open online courses (known as MOOCs) let anyone with an Internet connection access university courses from around the world. But what if you...