U.S. history

Donald Trump and Melania Trump placing hands over hearts in front of the Pentagon (© AP Images)

The president on the 9/11 anniversary: Our values endure

President Donald J. Trump made remarks at a Pentagon memorial September 11 in observance of the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the U.S.
Road signs on a highway (© Alamy)

Travel the world without ever leaving this U.S. state

Where can you find China, Egypt, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, Peru and Lebanon all in one state?
Man walking through factory (State Dept.)video

How U.S. manufacturing shapes our world [video]

The “Made in America” label conveys a rich history of innovation and commitment to quality. Learn how U.S. manufacturing helps people around the globe.
Tuskegee Airmen posing next to airplanes (© Getty Images)

New U.S. coin to celebrate African-American airmen

African-American airmen’s contributions to World War II will be immortalized on a new U.S. coin to be released in 2021.
Illustration of crowd and ship (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

Ship saved 14,000 — and the parents of a president

In December 1950, the ship Meredith Victory saved 14,000 people in a single voyage. Two of those people were the parents of South Korea's president.
Navy crew members standing at attention aboard an aircraft carrier (© Rob Ostermaier/Newport News Daily Press/TNS/Getty Images)

The USS Ford: First of a new generation of American aircraft...

President Trump has commissioned the USS Gerald R. Ford, America's newest aircraft carrier. The USS Ford is the most advanced carrier in the world.
Colored map with icons showing landmarks (State Dept./Diane Woolverton)

Here’s a free poster with a map of U.S. products, places

The week of July 17 is “Made in America Week” at the White House. This free poster, available for printing, highlights U.S. products and landmarks.
Painting of Benjamin Franklin reading at desk (White House Historical Association)

On becoming an ‘ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary’

Good foreign relations are vital for every country. Learn about America's first ambassador, Benjamin Franklin, and how someone becomes an ambassador.
Woman standing profile in front of building (© AP Images)

A Maryland city examines a past of racial division to move...

Victoria Jackson-Stanley, the mayor of Cambridge, Maryland, is among those marking the 1967 racial unrest in her city with an eye toward unity.