U.S. Parks

Memphis skyline at dusk reflecting in a marina's water (Thinkstock)

Tennessee: Civil War battlefields, music heritage and the Great Smoky Mountains

Tennessee's famous music scene includes country, soul and rock 'n' roll. Take a break from the city and breathe in fresh air from the Great Smoky Mountains.

Utah: Red-rock canyons, ski resorts, dinosaurs and pioneer history

Utah offers unparalleled outdoor recreation — hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding and camping — as well as prehistoric sites and pioneer history.

Alaska: Auroras, glaciers and bears

The northernmost of all the states, Alaska has mountainous terrain and low temperatures that are ideal for spotting wildlife, and for winter sports.

10 U.S. winter wonderlands

Breathtaking, snowy winter views like the ones captured here appeal to cold-weather lovers. Look to see which of these destinations may be right for you.

Photo contest shares the American experience

Preservation of natural treasures in U.S. national parks has been called the nation’s best idea. Winning images in a 2014 photo contest offer proof.
alligator crossing road, tourists in background

Protect a park. Save the planet.

President Obama wants to protect landscapes and people from the consequences of climate change. He'll do that by preserving natural spaces.

Five sites Chinese visitors to the U.S. won’t want to miss

In recent years, the Chinese have been among the fastest-growing groups of international tourists visiting the United States. And now extended visas for short-term...
Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is born…on this day

One of the most popular natural attractions in America was established on this day in 1890, when Congress voted to create Yosemite National Park....