Woman standing at bottom of stairs with sunlight shining down on her (USAID/Morgana Wingard)

Promoting open government in South and Central Asia

Advocates in South and Central Asia push for more transparent governance. Learn more about them and how the U.S. supports their efforts.
Man watching as helicopter prepares to take off from deck of ship (U.S. Navy/Petty Officer 1st class Zackery Harmeyer)

U.S. and Pacific partners aid Tonga after disaster

The U.S. and international partners are providing critical humanitarian assistance to Tonga after a devastating volcanic eruption.
Men in coveralls and hard hats pushing wheelbarrows in a mountain valley (USAID/Gabriel Rojas)

Why protect wetlands?

World Wetlands Day is February 2. Educate yourself on why wetlands matter and how the U.S. government is restoring and mapping them.
Young men and women laughing around a video camera and boom mic (Courtesy of Hetq Media Factory)

Supporting independent journalism in Europe

Meet some reporters in Serbia, Armenia and Georgia who inform their communities and build a tradition of journalistic independence.
Two men holding handfuls of apples in apple orchard, with mountains in background (Murad Atayev/USAID)

Supporting fruit growers in Central Asia

USAID is helping fruit growers in Central Asia increase their harvests with modern techniques. Read about three successful orchards.
Gloved hand reaching for vaccine vials (© Rafiq Maqbool/AP Images)

U.S. COVID-19 vaccine donations spanned the globe in 2021

In 2021, the U.S. provided vaccines, medical equipment, training and more to help countries fight COVID-19. Learn more about those efforts.
Men unloading boxes marked with 'COVAX' (© UNICEF/Sujan)

Overcoming vaccine delivery challenges

Many COVID-19 vaccine doses must be stored at freezing temperatures. Read how the U.S. and partners ensure donated vaccines remain effective.
Three white rhinos eating (© Khalil Senosi/AP Images)

Helping African partners protect wildlife [infographic]

The U.S. is helping African partners protect wildlife. Learn how these efforts are reducing trafficking and preserving endangered species.
Man looking at solar panels (© Isaac Kasamani/AFP/Getty Images)

Partners bolster Africa’s fight against COVID-19 and poverty

U.S. and European partners are investing $80 billion in development financing to help Africa's economic recovery from COVID-19.