Farmer standing in field of yellow and red flowers in Vietnam (© Alamy)

Vietnam’s provinces compete for new businesses

To help improve Vietnam's business environment, a "competitiveness" index measures the ease of doing business among Vietnam's 63 provinces.
Aircraft carrier at sea (DOD)

Vietnamese officials make historic visit to U.S. aircraft carrier

Vietnamese military officials got a feel for flight operations on a U.S. aircraft carrier during an October 19 visit to the USS Carl Vinson.
Woman singing into microphone (VOA via YouTube)

Culture keeps Houston’s Vietnamese community strong [video]

The Vietnamese community in Houston thrives because its members use their native language during special events and in their daily lives.
Man and woman standing in front of State Department building (State Dept./D.A. Peterson)

Refugees’ plight is personal for these diplomats [video]

These former refugees from Belarus and Vietnam became U.S. diplomats who are helping those currently seeking aid and refuge.

U.S. and Vietnam: Once rivals, now partners

Vietnam and the U.S. are celebrating 20 years of normalized diplomatic relations. They have seen a dramatic rise in trade and people-to-people ties.

South China Sea disputes need diplomatic solution

As China and Vietnam reclaim land among the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, U.S. leaders call for diplomacy and dialogue.