Family at dinner table after dark (© AP Images)

Ramadan in America: The same, but different

For American Muslims, Ramadan is a time to reconnect, observe fasts, reflect, and increase their acts of charity. How do you celebrate?
Four-propeller plane flying over river (© AP Images)

Solar pilot: ‘I flew over plastic waste as big as a...

During his solar-powered plane ride over the Pacific Ocean, pilot Bertrand Piccard saw a troubling scene: a mass of plastics polluting the water.

This Muslim American ‘sees the world through the eyes of Scouting’

After becoming an Eagle Scout and converting to Islam, Abdul Rashid Abdullah continues to volunteer and foster interfaith dialogue through the Boy Scouts.

‘Pick a cause that you are passionate about’

Arshia Wajid, who founded American Muslim Health Professionals, urges everyone to find some hours regularly to contribute to something they believe in.

Every day, ordinary Americans help Syrian refugees find better lives

Iraqi and Syrian refugees are receiving assistance from ordinary Americans through donations, in-country help and aid getting acclimated to new homes.

It takes grit to help volunteers have fun

A volunteer-group leader needs to know what inspires others to serve to attract people who are willing to invest their time and talent.

4 ways volunteering benefits … you

Volunteering helps develop leadership skills, benefits the economy, makes your government more accountable and improves your physical and mental health.
Muslims Against Hunger serving food outside from large vats (Courtesy of Muslims Against Hunger)

This Muslim-American group brings the soup kitchen to the hungry

Zamir Hassan knows where homeless people congregate — around train stations, under bridges and in tents set up in the woods. “Not everyone is able...
Woman and two boys looking at seeds in woman's hand (Courtesy Peace Corps)

Happy birthday to the Peace Corps…on this day

On September 22, 1961, President John F. Kennedy signed into law the Peace Corps Act, making good on a promise to seek Americans “from...