Illustration of injured people and text reading "Know Hepatitis, Act Now" (World Health Organization)

On #WorldHepDay: Partnership seeks to eradicate hepatitis in Georgia

Hepatitis affects more than 400 million people worldwide, but a new public-private partnership focuses on eradicating the disease by 2030.
Women and children standing on a dirt road in a village (USAID/ADRA)

Healthy women make their communities stronger

The ability of women to get good health care for themselves and their children strengthens families and society.

MERS can be lethal, but we’re all fighting back

An infectious, sometimes deadly virus is taking lives in East Asia for the first time. But health workers are making progress in containing the MERS virus.

Liberia claims ‘monumental’ win over Ebola

Liberia's Ebola outbreak is over, the World Health Organization declares, more than 45 days after the last known Ebola transmission in Liberia.
Men on street, Stop Ebola T-shirts

Ebola in West Africa: The goal is zero

The yearlong international health response to combat Ebola has sharply reduced the rate of infection. Pushing case numbers to zero is still the goal.

Be afraid. Be very afraid of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Some bacteria have grown stronger than antibiotics, and they kill more than zombies ever will. The White House has a new plan to beat them.
farm field of lettuce

Is your tummy ache part of a global health problem?

Tainted vegetables used to be a local problem. But small problems can be big emergencies in globalized markets. Think food safety on World Health Day.

Detective work can stop Ebola in its tracks

The greatest challenge to isolating and treating everyone with Ebola by the end of the year? Tracking them down, says Bruce Aylward, an emergencies...

Another reason your Mom was right about that healthy breakfast…on this...

If you want to avoid diabetes, it’s a good idea to start by eating a healthy breakfast. That’s the message for World Diabetes Day 2014.