Honeybee covered with pollen sitting on yellow flower (© Dancestrokes/Shutterstock.com)

Take this quiz to see if you have the buzz on...

In honor of World Honeybee Day on August 19, take our quiz on pollinators and learn about their environmental benefits.
Butterflies on flowers (Courtesy of Pollinator Partnership)

Planting to help pollinators becomes popular in the U.S.

From farms to college campuses, more and more Americans are planting bee-friendly gardens, lawns, orchards and public spaces.
Illustration of wildlife, including sea turtle swimming under water. (© Anzalone)

Celebrating World Sea Turtle Day [poster]

Celebrate World Sea Turtle Day June 16 by protecting these endangered creatures, and spread the word by downloading this poster.
Person kneeling in field while holding metal detector (Courtesy of The HALO Trust)

Removing land mines protects people, restores habitat

The United States funds efforts to remove land mines in countries around the world. Learn how these partnerships save lives and livelihoods.
Chris Davis holding Harris hawk (Courtesy of Paul Wulfsberg)

American falconers explain their enthusiasm for the sport

November 16 is World Falconry Day. Meet three devoted American falconers caught up in the attractions of the ancient sport.
Tiger standing in tall grass (© Cheryl Ramalho/Alamy)

Tiger populations are on the rise

Recent assessments suggest that tiger populations have risen by 40% around the world from what they were in 2010.
Illustration of park ranger surrounded by butterflies and flowers in front of mountains (State Dept./D. Thompson)

National Park Service turns 106

The National Park Service celebrates its 106th birthday August 25. Take some time to reflect on the public lands' jaw-dropping features.
Baby elephant interacting with adult elephant in water (© DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Understanding elephants improves conservation efforts

U.S. researchers are learning more about how elephants think and behave to help improve the chances of survival for these majestic animals.
Low angle of vehicle passing sunflowers on side of road (© Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images)

The latest buzz about U.S. roads

Diseases, pesticides and habitat loss threaten wild pollinators like bees. Learn how a new U.S. grant program aims to reverse that trend.