Clouds floating in the sky above a wide expanse of prairie land (Dennis Lingohr/APR)

A new kind of park emerges on the prairie

American Prairie Reserve, a public-private partnership, is bringing back buffalo, birds and big, open sky to the Montana prairie.
Animals on a mountain and under the water

For Earth Day, a free poster

On Earth Day, April 22, celebrate the many species of wildlife that make the Earth's polar regions their home. This free poster is available for printing.
Face of Sumatran tiger (© Wiklander/Shutterstock)

Top 10 ways to save wildlife

You think you can't save endangered wildlife? Think again. Here are 10 ways you can help.
Fluffy white weasel standing on hind legs in snow (© National Geographic/Michael S. Quinton)

For World Wildlife Day, check out these cool photos

As you mark World Wildlife Day on March 3, take a look at this collection of cool animal photos — wildlife in their wintry U.S. habitats.
Google Doodle of cartoon fox running through trees that spell Google (© Google)

Google Doodles draw people to wildlife conservation

Internet giant Google uses "Doodles," little cartoons on its search page, to increase awareness about wildlife conservation around the world.
Large group of penguins sitting on ice (Thinkstock)

The world’s largest marine reserve in Antarctica will protect these animals

The world's largest marine reserve in Antarctica will cover 1.55 million square kilometers of ocean and protect many different species.
Leopard cubs playing on carpet (© AP Images)

Zoohackathon spots ways to fight wildlife trafficking

Teams from Sydney to Seattle to London had 48 hours to open up laptops and tackle wildlife trafficking at the world's first Zoohackathon.
animals at waterhole

Why should we help conserve wildlife?

Every year, thousands of animal species become extinct. The current rate of extinction is 1,000x greater than it would be because of one factor: humans.