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Sun shining throught solar panels (Shutterstock)

‘Grid parity’ is key to stopping climate change. Here’s why.

What does grid parity have to do with climate change? Everything. As the cost of renewable energy drops, so does the dependence on traditional energy.
Panoramic view of vast array of mirrors at solar energy project (© AP Images)

For former coal workers, renewable energy means renewed job market

As the country shifts from traditional energy sources to renewables, there is a growing demand for workers. Former coal workers could fill this gap.
Man working in row of huge wind turbine sections (© AP Images)

Offshore wind farm is a U.S. first

The first offshore wind farm in the United States is set to open off the coast of Rhode Island soon, ushering in a new era for the U.S. wind industry.
Man taking photo of huge, white wind turbine blade (© AP Images)

Recycling old wind turbine blades could be the next business opportunity

Many in the renewable energy industry are looking to turn a potential landfill problem into a profitable recycling opportunity.
People walking on roof, one carrying solar panel (© AP Images)

It’s a new era: U.S. renewables outpacing fossil fuels

Electricity drawn from renewable sources, like solar and wind, is becoming an increasingly popular power source in the U.S. and is expected to grow.

Wind and solar energy industries get some well-deserved credit from Congress

By extending tax credits for renewable energy sources, the U.S. government intends to increase their supply and use.

Even in oil-rich Texas, ‘solar makes sense’

The iconic oil derricks of the West Texas horizon may soon be overshadowed, as solar panels and wind turbines drive a renewable energy rush.

Biden promotes Caribbean energy security

Vice President Biden says that energy security in Caribbean and Central American nations is a significant issue for the United States and the Western...

Check out these 3 innovative solutions from young energy companies

New approaches to harvesting energy are taking shape. Three ingenious projects give you a taste of what the energy future might look like. The sky...