Women In The Workforce

Three women talking at a table. (D.A. Peterson/Dept. of State)

What these young women took home to Africa after meeting Michelle...

Here are three women who met Michelle Obama during her trip to Morocco, and then visited her in Washington. They have plans to encourage girls to learn.
Two women looking at booklet (Courtesy TCS/GE)

GE’s all-female business center in Saudi Arabia opens eyes and opportunities

GE's joint venture with Tata Consultancy Services in Riyadh has brought many women into the Saudi workforce as the kingdom seeks to diversify its economy.
Collage of African women entrepreneurs (D.A. Peterson/State Dept./S. Gemeny WIlkinson)

We agree: Nothing beats being your own boss

Have you ever considered being your own boss? These African entrepreneurs started with ideas and an opportunity and turned them into a business.
Illustration of female professional emoji standing in front of rainbow (Google)

New emoji send a message about women

Coming soon to your smartphone keyboard: equality. New emoji will reflect diversity through professions and skin-tone options.
Group of people clapping and cheering (© AP Images)

These business pros are rooting for you [video]

Where do you go to get business advice? These Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship have a few words of wisdom for you.
Nina Vaca and Nermin Sa'd seated on stage (Ben Solomon/State Dept.)

These successful women have advice for starting your business

Starting a business is tough, and being a female entrepreneur can be even more difficult. These top businesswomen are giving advice for your startup.
Man in business attire using rope to climb mountain (© Shutterstock/Brian A. Jackson)

Did you just suffer a setback? Good for you. [video]

If you are a small-business owner, you will likely face challenges and will also experience future setbacks as your business or organization grows.
Young Omanis listening to lecture (State Dept.)

Social media tools help small-business owners everywhere

Are you looking to boost your business? Marketing expert Paul Colligan says first know what you want to do, then find technology to make things easier.
Malikca Cummings and workers taking apart machines to find recyclable material (Courtesy of Malikca Cummings)

Malikca Cummings: Profiting from a better environment

Malikca Cummings, founder of an e-waste recycling company in the Caribbean, will be attending the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in California.