U.S. and Guatemala sign Asylum Cooperation Agreement

U.S. flag beside Guatemalan flag (© Shutterstock)
(© Shutterstock)

The United States and Guatemala recently completed negotiations on an asylum agreement to discourage dangerous illegal migration through the region.

The Asylum Cooperation Agreement, when it enters into force, will allow the United States to transfer people seeking asylum in the United States to Guatemala to request asylum or other protection in that country.

The United States explains that the Asylum Cooperation Agreement will discourage illegal immigration, combat migrant smuggling, curb human trafficking and provide many of those seeking asylum an alternative to making the long, dangerous — particularly for children —  journey to the United States.

“Today, we’re sending a clear message to human smugglers and traffickers that your day is over,” President Trump said at the July 26 signing of the agreement. “And we’re investing in the future of Guatemala, the safety of migrants and their families.”

“This agreement will usher in a new era of investment and growth for their nation,” Trump said, “and sets the stage for cooperation between our countries.”

The United States and Guatemala also signed an agreement July 30 to facilitate increased transparency, accountability and worker safety in the H-2A nonimmigrant visa program for temporary Guatemalan agricultural workers, in order to bolster economic opportunity in both countries.