A college education is a huge investment — of money, of time and of effort. Is it worth it?

In the United States and the other 33 member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), university-educated workers earn twice as much as workers who have not finished secondary school, according to the OECD’s recent report on 2012 earnings.

Join a live webchat December 11 at 14:00 UTC titled “Invest in Your Future.” Its panel includes two former international students from Australia and Algeria, as well as Angella Griffin, a career-development expert from George Washington University. Panelists will answer questions from participants from around the world.

“Long-term, potential income is greatly enhanced by a U.S. education,” said Griffin, essentially agreeing with the OECD. But she would go further: “The professional relationships developed in U.S. classrooms and on campuses offer lifelong opportunities for international students.”

Join Griffin and the other panelists to learn more about these topics:

  • The benefits of getting a college education in the United States.

  • How you can launch a successful career with the help of an American degree.

  • The opportunities a U.S. diploma creates in the global economy.

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